Being prepared for unexpected surprises and minor mishaps on your big day is going to make all the difference to your stress levels and to you disaster management skills- So we’ve drummed up some NB items to have in your Emergency kit.
A Emergency kit It doesn’t usually feature high up on a bride-to-be’s list of things to do. If you, as the bride, are too busy to pay much attention, delegate the emergency kit to your maid of honour or to one of your bridesmaids to handle. They can also be responsible for packing it into a neat little bag and making sure that it is accessible for you.
Things to include:
  • Wet wipes or hand sanitiser (you never know what you’ll be touching throughout the day)
  • tissues (there may be lots of tears- of joy obviously)
  • Super glue ( you might not think so but this bad boy has been a life saver, from broken shoes, to a cut open eyebrow- super glue does the trick)
  • Mascara, lipstick and concealer for small touch-ups (kitty you can’t fit your make up artist in aswell)
  • Floss/Mints (Keep your pearly whites fresh with floss, and the rest of your mouth clean with mints. When you’re stuck in a bind and can’t brush your teeth, these two items will keep you picture-perfect and kissable throughout the day and night.)
  • A Sewing kit, A needle and thread (either transparent or the same colour as your dress)
  • Pain killers and anti-histamines (for streaming eyes or persistent headaches)
  • Clips and hair elastics (if anything happens to your hairstyle in the wind or while dancing, at least you can restyle it to look good)
  • Feminine products ( you know what we mean)
  • Plasters
  • An itinerary for the days along with the contact names and numbers of all of your vendors, in case of an emergency with the catering, music, venue etc…
  • Brides phone charged with a portable charger and cord.
  • Water (a bottle of water will go a long way when you’re charging from one venue to another or spending time with photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers. Staying hydrated will also prevent headaches and fatigue)
  • Snacks
  • Body spray, Deodorant or perfume (with your nerves, you may end up sweating more than usual. You’ll also be hugging a lot of people, so make sure that you smell good)
At Glencairn Weddings we have a special ‘Emergency kit’ in every bathroom incase these hiccups happen, so anyone can take what they need, leave what they don’t and hurry back out before the next note!
Happy wedding planning!
Love the Glencairn Weddings Team
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