Picking a wedding venue can be one of the toughest decisions of your lives, after getting down on one knee of course, or having to say yes;) but we believe that once you know, you’ll know. At Glencairn Weddings we strive to make everything known from the get go so couples know exactly what they are or aren’t getting into. But we’ve jotted down some important questions to ask your preferred wedding venue to minimise any surprises later down the line!
  • Is your preferred wedding date available?
  • What is the weather like that time of year?
  • How many days before hand can we start setting up our wedding?
  • How many people can be accommodated (seated) at the venue?
  • If an outdoor wedding is there a backup solution if it rains?
  • Are the facilities wheelchair accessible?
  • How many restrooms are available?
  • Is there an area for the bride and bridesmaids to prepare themselves prior to the wedding?
  • Is there accommodation available on site?
  • Is there neighbouring accommodation available for wedding guests?
  • What is included in the venue fee? Are there any extras?
  • Is there a day co-ordinator to assist?
  • Is there a preferred vendors list? Can outside wedding vendors be brought in? If so is there a fee payable?
  • Which venue areas will we have access to?
  • How many parking spaces are available?
  • How many hours are allowed for the wedding party?
  • Is there an area for the DJ/ band to setup?
  • Is there a sound system in place or must one be brought in?
  • Is there a dance floor? if so what is the size?
  • Are there past photos available so that you have an idea what the venue looks like when it has been set up for a wedding at different periods of the year ?
  • Do you have systems in place incase ESKOM decide to do load shedding?
Happy wedding planning!
Love the Glencairn Weddings Team
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